Optimize Your Instagram Bio for Sales

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As a brand on social media, you probably already have a link to your website on your Instagram. While this is a great starting point, you may be missing an opportunity to direct traffic in a way that will drive more sales, and ultimately, make you more money. By using linktree, you can optimize your Instagram bio to do more for your small business. 

Keep reading if you want your followers on Instagram to have the option to take more than one action on your profile.

What is linktree?

Linktree is a free tool that allows you to direct people to more than one place on the internet. Through one bio link, you can send people to more than one place, all through a seamless experience on both mobile and desktop. 

Basically, linktree is amazing. 

For small businesses, entrepreneurs, and crafters and makers of all kinds, this means that you can truly optimize your Instagram bio to get more traffic and more sales. By giving users an easier way to get to the information they really want, you can create a more successful Instagram profile.

Better CTAs, better sales.

As a small business on Instagram, you have (hopefully) created a digital strategy specifically for this platform. Most importantly, you know why you are on Instagram, and what you want your followers to do. That last part is your "Call to Action," or your CTA, and will live in your Instagram bio. 

Traditionally, brands will have one CTA on Instagram: visit our website. This is ideal for brands who already know they have effective, high-converting websites, and only want their users to do one thing (which is visit that page).

But let's say that you're a business that has a bit more going on. You may have a great website, but you're also hosting an event and you want to ask your followers to RSVP. Or, you want your followers to visit your website, but you're also hosting a Facebook live event, have a separate lead page for new product, or were featured on another website.

With Linktree, you can share all of those things in one place, allowing you to have more than one CTA on a beautiful Linktree page. Yay.

Here are a few more CTAs you might use:

  • Like Us on Facebook
  • Subscribe to Our E-Mail List
  • Download a Freebie
  • RSVP to an Event
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Schedule a Consultation
  • Buy the New Product
  • Shop the Full Gallery

But wait. Isn't more than one CTA a bad thing?

(Short answer? Not on Instagram!)

If you've ever read up on CTA best practices, or even just on some Marketing 101, you may have heard before that having more than one CTA is a bad thing. And, it certainly could be. Sometimes, giving a user too many options will just end up confusing them. They'll sit there, not knowing which one to choose, and then just give up—because it's 2017 and we have the world of instant-gratification at our finger tips.

The thing about social media, though, is that you're not sending a targeted, one-time communication (like an email). In an email, having a TON of information and lots of CTAs would certainly be confusing. You gave them a small amount of information, and a ton of choices. It's confusing.

But on Instagram, you're basically in an online-relationship with your followers, and you absolutely should be. You and your followers should interact all the time, and talk about lots of different things. This type of holistic brand experience is why having more than one CTA makes sense. When you're talking all the time, you can't only talk about one thing. Just like in any other relationship, you should be keeping things fresh, engaging, and culturally relevant. 

The Benefits of Linktree

In the spirit of mixing it up, you're probably telling your followers about ALL of the awesome things your business does, so you're giving them access to a lot more information than you would in an email. They can scroll through your old photos, watch your live videos, and see your Instagram stories for a beautiful, fleeting 24-hours.

In this kind of experience, more than one CTA makes sense. In fact, it makes for even better experience for your followers, because they can choose to click on the link that they are most interested in.

That being said, don't go too crazy. Stick to just a few links, with catchy, clear titles, and you can't go wrong.

Try, test, rinse, repeat.

Before you go... don't forget to track how well your Linktree experiment goes. Keep track of how many clicks you were getting before Linktree, and see how having multiple CTAs changes your Instagram game. 

If it's not working, you know something needs to change. You can always try changing your copy, updating your Instagram bio, and make sure that your Instagram post captions are supporting your efforts. In other words, is your Instagram content good enough to make people want to click through in the first place? Trying new things is great—unless it doesn't work. 

Happy Gramming! ;)

P.S. Has your brand used Linktree? Join the conversation here or on Instagram @seedsofsocial for more Instagram knowledge made just for you.